Investing In
Generation Always

  • Connected
  • Social
  • Fun
  • Mobile
  • Multitasking
  • Interacting
  • Serious
  • Aware

Our Company

Vision Venture Partners is a private equity firm formed by Rick Fox and Stratton Sclavos.  We bring together decades of business success and value creation from the high tech, video game, professional sport and lifestyle industries.

When we invest, we are invested!

We provide not only capital, but also hands-on executive management, talent recruitment and strategic business relationships. At VVP, we are focused on finding and nurturing the entrepreneurs and companies that are building a new generation of services for the Generation Always consumer – today’s consumer who is always connected, always social, always fun, always mobile, always interacting, always multitasking, always serious, always aware. We invest in high growth market segments including esports, digital entertainment, and lifestyle food and beverage. We strive to partner with the best and provide the resources needed to win, building durable brands that leave their mark on history.

At Vision Entertainment We Tell Stories

“We are the market leader in the production of original content for the esports world. Our award-winning team “tells the stories” that bring esports athletes and video game performers to life for mainstream audiences everywhere.”

Jace Hall

At Echo Fox We Play To Win

“Our goal is to become the most respected esports organization in the world, setting the standard for professionalism, team achievement, player development and fan engagement. We recruit the best and expect to win..”

Rick Fox

At Twin Galaxies We Know The Score

“For over three decades we have been the recognized authority for video game achievements and player statistics. Building on this foundation, we are rapidly becoming the most trusted provider of esports leaderboards, player skill indexes and league management services.”

Stratton Sclavos

Our Team

We’re proud of our team’s decades of success as operators, investors and builders of great companies across many industries.


We’ve had the honor and privilege of working with thousands of amazing entrepreneurs and teammates – achieving championship-caliber results (and real championships too) in the market and on the court.  We are passionate about winning and committed to leveraging our experience and resources to help our companies and investors achieve championship-level results. 


We invest in established entrepreneurs that are building companies targeting the Generation Always consumer – today’s new consumer who is always connected, always social, always fun, always mobile, always interacting, always multitasking, always serious, always aware.

Today, our portfolio consists of companies setting the standards in esports, digital entertainment, and lifestyle food and beverage. When we invest, we are invested – our hands-on approach ensures each portfolio company receives the resources they need to win.