Vision Global Foundation

Vision Venture Partners' founding partners have had a life-long commitment to philanthropy. In 2017, we formed the Vision Global Foundation with a mission to support charitable causes around the globe that focus on children and families in need. We partner with like-minded organizations where our gifting of both financial aid and our employee’s time can make a meaningful impact to their programs. We also carry VVP’s “When We Invest, We Are Invested” mantra into all our efforts at The Vision Global Foundation – committing 10% of the company’s net income and 10% of our employees’ time to our efforts.

The Vision Global Foundation supports the great work of:

Orphaned Starfish Foundation is dedicated to addressing the challenges facing orphans, victims of abuse and at-risk youth by providing permanent, on-the ground, programs in every country they enter. OSF strives to foster lasting change in the lives of the children served by providing the opportunity to develop vocational and life skills in a safe and nurturing environment, to use those skills to gain meaningful, long-term employment or to advance their education to the next level at an institution of higher learning. The success of OSF enables these children to escape the cycle of poverty and abuse that threatens them every day and the ever-increasing risk of becoming victims of human trafficking or other forms of exploitation. Today, Orphaned Starfish is making a difference in the lives of over 10,000 children through 50 programs in 25 countries. Visit the website at

Our Partners' Other Philanthropic Work

Amit Raizada is a lifelong philanthropist with a devout passion for giving back to the community. His family’s generous gift helped the University of Kansas Hospital acquire MediGuide technology, which provides cardiologists with unprecedented views of the heart with minimal exposure to radiation. The state-of-the-art technology is housed in the new Raizada Family Electrophysiology Lab in the Center for Advanced Heart Care. Amit Raizada supports organizations such as Autism Speaks, The Kaw Valley Behavioral Health Care Center, Monmouth University Athletics and many others.

Stratton Sclavos formed the Sclavos Family Foundation in the year 2000 with a passion to provide better education, healthcare and social programs for underprivileged children in the US and in underdeveloped countries across the globe. He has worked closely over the years with NFL greats Steve Young and Jerry Rice and the Forever Young Foundation.

Rick Fox is committed to giving back to the community. Some of the charities Rick has devoted his time and support to over the years include Heal the Bay, Rally for Kids, The Los Angeles Lakers Youth Foundation, Thrive Gulu and together1heart. As a Bahamian native, Rick is a long-time advocate for charities rooted in his birthplace including The Ministry of Sports and the Bahamas National basketball team. In 2015, Rick donated one of his Lakers championship jerseys to support women in abusive relationships for the Linda’s Voice organization. Most recently, Rick has worked closely with together1heart supporting young women and girls who are victims or at risk of slavery.