October 13, 2017

How Rick Fox is changing the culture, strategy of esports -- at least at one team

One of the first things that Rick Fox changed when he bought an esports organization was the practice time.

“Rick came in, he was like, ‘Why are we scrimming (practicing against other teams) past noon? That’s really late,’ ” said the team’s general manager, Jake Fyfe. “We need to wake up in the morning with the sun. Why are we waking up at 11:30?”

Then, came the opponents.

“‘Why are we practicing against the opponents that we’re gonna play in three weeks?’” the former NBA player asked. “ ‘I don’t care if the game will change in three weeks. You’re showing tendencies and patterns and this.”

And then, the nutrition.

“‘Why are they eating this?” Fyfe remembered him asking, “‘I couldn’t even chew gum when I was a player. Why are you giving these guys the option to eat a Pop-Tart? Their health should look like this. The food should look like this. The fridge should look like this.’”

When the three-time NBA champ bought an eSports organization, it was because he saw an opportunity, especially after attending and feeling the incredible energy at the 2015 League of Legends Championship at Madison Square Garden. But now, members of the team say, he’s changing the game itself.

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