Amit Raizada

Amit Raizada is a Partner at Vision Venture Partners providing strategic development and direction for each of VVP’s investment platforms, advising on growth opportunities, due diligence, transaction structuring and risk mitigation.

Prior to VVP, Amit had a long and successful career as an investor and entrepreneur. He founded Spectrum Business Ventures in 2002, served as the company’s chief executive officer and helped build a portfolio of more than 60 operating companies in finance, technology, energy, retail, esports, hospitality and food and beverage. In 2006, Amit helped launch SBV’s real estate division, which focused on the acquisition, renovation and management of multi-family housing complexes. SBV and its affiliates own more than 6,000 units across the country. Amit has also been involved in the acquisition and sale of hundreds of assets, with total transactions and enterprise values in the billions.

He has led successful investments in a variety of financial technology companies, including Select Quote, Card Compliant and Store Financial Services, wireless communication giants like AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile, ground-breaking esports enterprises like Echo Fox, HDFilms, numerous multi-family real estate projects across the United States, and several investments in hospitality, food and entertainment. He serves on the board of SBV and several of its portfolio companies.

Amit attended Michigan State University, where he studied economics. He lives in Los Angeles, California.